The Women and Philanthropy Network is accepting proposals through July 31, 2023. Proposals will be presented in person to the Leadership Council on September 15, 2023. The top 10 proposals will then be presented to the full membership in person on November 2, 2023. Funding will be available in January 2024 to be used by August 1, 2025.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does W&P award grants? In 2007, a group of women came together with a common vision – to build a better UK and Commonwealth. Each year membership contributions are pooled to support the University, its students, research and programs by awarding funds through grants. Since that time, we have awarded $2,878,011.50 through this process.

When can grant proposals be submitted? Proposals may be submitted after March 1 but must be received in the Philanthropy office by July 31.

How many proposals can each college or program submit? Each college or program is limited to TWO proposals per year.

Is there a limit on the dollar amount for each proposal? Yes. Each proposal request cannot exceed $50,000.

How does each college or program select its grant proposals for submission? Colleges and programs are asked to coordinate proposal requests with the dean of their college or the appropriate vice president to whom the program reports. Many have a system in place for vetting proposal ideas.

Are all classifications of students eligible to receive support from W&P grant funding? Students must be enrolled at UK and be in good standing. Eligible students include undergraduate, graduate and professional degree students. Transfer and non-traditional students via traditional and alternative paths are eligible.

Is it true that only female UK students are eligible to receive funding? No. There is no gender preference.

Can funds be used to pay faculty salaries? No. Funds do not support faculty salaries, nor do they support purchasing furniture or equipment. However, program supplies are allowed when appropriate.

If the grant is for scholarships, what does that cover? Proposals to provide scholarships may have the funds cover tuition and mandatory fees, room and board and books. Additionally, the funds may also cover other expenses such as cultural and international experiences, health insurance, childcare, etc.

Can funds be used to support an existing college or program’s endowment? No.

How technical should my proposal and presentation be? The proposal and presentation verbiage should not be so technical that it cannot be understood by the general public.

Are colleges and programs expected to present a detailed budget that explains their funding request? Yes. Proposals without detailed budgets will not be considered.

Are colleges or programs encouraged to submit supporting documents, pamphlets or other brochures? No, as they cannot be replicated for distribution to the entire membership.

Is the person who presents the initial proposal also expected to present if their college or program is selected as one of 10 finalists? That would be the committee’s preference, but it is not mandatory. We do expect the person presenting to do so with a full understanding of the proposal and with enthusiasm.

Who is responsible for reviewing the proposals to make sure they have followed the guidelines? Lisa Atkinson and the network co-chairs review grant proposals to ensure they meet the guidelines.

How and when is the first round of grant proposals presented? Proposals will be presented to the Leadership Council of 40 women on September 15, 2023, in the Gatton Student Center. Presentations are limited to 10 minutes and may include a PowerPoint presentation.

May I have a co-presenter? You may decide how many faculty or staff join you in your presentation. Your students are also allowed to co-present.

How are the top 10 proposals selected? The Leadership Council members rank their favorite proposals Those with the 10 highest rankings move forward for consideration by the full membership.

When are the top 10 proposals presented to the full membership? The top 10 proposals will be presented to the full membership of 200+ women on November 2, 2023. Presentation times are limited to 10 minutes and may include a PowerPoint presentation.

How are the final proposals selected? Members rank their favorite proposals. The highest-ranking proposals are funded in full, in order, until our available funding is depleted. It is likely that one proposal will receive partial funding.

How do you determine what the total available funding is each year? The amount we award each year is based on the number of members in that calendar year. Each member pays a membership fee to join, and those fees are pooled and made available to fund proposals in that year.

Do you have additional questions about submitting a proposal for consideration? Please contact Lisa Atkinson at 859-257-7885 or