Women & Philanthropy

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to become a part of the University of Kentucky’s Women & Philanthropy Network. Our mission is to motivate and unite women as leaders, donors and advocates for the University of Kentucky.



In 2007, a group of women came together with a common vision – to build a better UK and Commonwealth. Since that time, these passionate women have focused on benefiting UK and on creating a culture of service and philanthropy through their donations of time, talent and resources. The group has grown in size and strength as more women have recognized the essential and continuing role of women in the life and progress of the university.

More than an organization, the Women & Philanthropy Network is a movement – a gathering of like-minded women using their diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences to enhance the university and positively impact its students.

2021 Women and Philanthropy Network Symposium

Every year, each member gives a membership fee to the organization. The women then vote on which programs to support with their pooled funds. In recent years, the group’s leadership council has adopted a targeted approach, supporting scholarships, research and university programs. Since inception, the organization has awarded over $2.8 million in grants to students, research projects and programs.

By harnessing the passion, skills and capabilities of many individuals, the Women & Philanthropy Network is playing an important role in showing the world what Kentucky can do.

The 2023 Women and Philanthropy co-chairs are Janice Birdwhistell and Kelly Holland.


Join online or mail your donation to
UK Philanthropy
Gift Receiving Office
210 Malabu Drive, Suite 200
Lexington, KY 40502