Cathy Doyle
Cathy Doyle
Kelly Holland
Kelly Holland
Class of 2020
Vickie Bell
Sara-Elizabeth Bush
Vickie Ewing Ware
Patricia Johnson
Anne Krehbiel
Linda Levstik
Jane Rowady
Patty Slevin
Kathy Thompson
Jonell Tobin


Membership Co-Chairs
Janice Birdwhistell
Sara-Elizabeth Bush


Engagement Co-Chairs
Patricia Johnson
Linda Levstik
Class of 2021
Donna Arnett
Janice Birdwhistell
Anne Bolton
Mary Lynne Capilouto
Antoinette Davis
Mindy Foley
Vicki Gorman
Diane Massie
Jane Pickering
Carol Steltenkamp


Past Co-Chairs
Marie Cull
Bonnie Mays
Beth Miller
Jessica Parrish
Tonya Parsons
Nawanna Privett
Patsy Todd
Ruth Webb
Class of 2022
Kitty Baird
Belva Collins
Susan Harper
Vicki McVay
Kelly Priebe
Linda Ratti
Linda Schrecker
Pam Sigler
Sherri Simpson
Sam Spragens


Network Co-Chairs
Cathy Doyle
Kelly Holland


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Our Mission

To motivate and unite women as leaders, donors and advocates for the University of Kentucky

Membership Terms

Leadership Council members will be asked to serve a three-year term. After serving a three-year term, members will then rotate off and may be invited by the council to return after a 12-month hiatus. An exception may be made if a council member is asked to serve as a Network or Committee Co-Chair. In this instance, the term will then be extended for three more years.


  1. Demonstrate philanthropic leadership through gifts to the University
  2. Be a leader in shaping and developing the Woman & Philanthropy Network
  3. Create a culture of service and philanthropy at the University
  4. Serve on either the Outreach or Program Committee

Suggested Criteria for Membership in Women & Philanthropy Leadership Council

Nominees Will:

  • Have been W&P members for at least 12 months
  • Have attended at least one symposium
  • Agree to attend at least 50% of the Leadership Council meetings (includes council meetings and symposium)


  • Up to one third of the council should live outside Kentucky
  • At least one half of the council should live in Kentucky
  • At least two members should be employed at UK
  • A variety of ages will be considered
  • Ethnic diversity will be considered

W&P Network Chairs and Committee Chairs will review all submitted names and recommend new council members based on the criteria listed above.

The Women and Philanthropy Network will begin their year on the date of the November symposium. Financial commitment must be received by this meeting to be considered a current member with voting privileges.