Your Gifts at Work

Discover UK Philanthropy

UK Philanthropy does not just raise funds, it builds community. Focused on UK's and the Commonwealth’s success, this dynamic group of people works with donors to build a better world by providing exceptional education, innovative research, inspiring creativity and meaningful outreach opportunities.

Philanthropy staff make the introduction, explaining the university’s vision and needs to outside entities and connecting them to the researchers, students and programs that can benefit from their generosity. UK Philanthropy then shepherds donors and recipients through the giving process, maximizing donors’ benefits through tax incentives, recognition and naming opportunities. Throughout the process, UK Philanthropy ensures that the gift is mutually beneficial, advancing UK and furthering the donor’s interests and wishes.

UK Philanthropy makes the giving process easy and seamless and offers donors many ways to make a difference, including gift and estate planning; gifts of cash, stocks or securities; corporate and foundation giving; and gifts of real estate.

The link between the university’s present and its future, UK Philanthropy envisions the university’s future and finds the people and organizations that can make it happen. For more information or to begin planning your gift, contact us at (800) 875-6272, (859) 257-3911 or